Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Martin Arts

Another interesting little site. Martin Arts have provided digital assets in the form of 800 buildings, bridges and stadiums for Aces Game Studio producers of Flight Simulator.

NAVTEQ to provide data for FS X

NAVTEQ, a leading provider of premium-quality digital map data, are providing Microsoft with data for the forth coming Flight Simulator X

NAVTEQ's press release.

Want to move with your sim?

Then this VR chair might do the trick http://www.vrealities.com/r&r.html

One would want to make sure the monitor is securely fastened - and also oneself :)

Crew Figures in Virtual Cockpits - CFS3, FS2004, FS X

Not everyone likes crew figures in virtual cockpits in their sims and I have set up a couple of polls in the Sim-Outhouse forums to survey users attitudes to these in add-ons for CFS3, FS2004 and the forthcoming Flight Simulator X.