Saturday, March 24, 2007

Round the World - Miami to Miami

Barrington Irving has set out on his round the world flight from Miami to Miami. In doing so Barrington will become the youngest person to fly around the world solo and the first African American to do so also.

Barrington is making the trip in a Columbia 400, built for him by Columbia using donated components. Microsoft have provided support in the form of free flight simulator software for students taking part in the Experience Aviation programs and are hosting a tracking map and route page where one can follow Barrington's progress.

It's marvelous to see such a spirit of adventure and achievement alive and well in the 21C. Let's wish Barrington all the best on his trip.

You can follow Barrington's progress at or

For further information check out Barrington's Experience Aviation site and the FSInsider site


Monday, March 19, 2007

Information request Sopwith Snipe

I also posted this on my other blog but may as well post here also. I have hit a stumbling block as to cockpit detail of the Sopwith Snipe, particularly internal details of the right hand side and also the workings of the fuel system. I have also posted this question at the Aerodrome.

Any info on this will be greatly appreciated.

Friday, March 09, 2007

3DS Max Dillema Fixed.

I decided to delete the two previous posts on the dillemas encountered on re-installing 3DS Max, brought about by having to re-install windows and all my applications last weekend.

It was a worry for a while.

I am now up and running with 3DS Max 8.0. Many thanks to my Autodesk Reseller who managed to sort out the situation with Autodesk.

Now on to with some serious design work.