Saturday, November 15, 2008

Some Downtime..... Myxoid Liposarcoma.

Unfortunately my battle with cancer, in the form of myxoid liposarcoma, continues and I have surgery next week. So I will be away from blogging until I recover and likewise various FS forums.

I have just been beginning to enjoy being comfortable again after recovering from radio therapy and its side and after effects. There was a chance I was going to be treated with Trabectedin/Yondelis a new drug currently being trialed in various countries and approved in the EU. Alas in Australia Yondelis is only available on compassionate grounds i.e. if the the cancer has metastized or inoperable. It has metastized in me, but the doctors have decided to treat the most recent lesion as a primary sarcoma.

The current sarcoma is in my buttock. Hopefully I won't lose too much muscle. However I imagine I won't be able to sit comfortably for a while and it probably won't be advisable to sit for long periods even after even when I can. Thus activities such as 3D modeling will have to take a back seat yet again. Likewise simming and playing games :(

Soft tissue sarcomas are very rare forms of cancer comprising less than 1% of all cancers. Liposarcomas comprise less than 20% of sarcomas... so it is quite rare. Blues & jazz musician Jeff Healey sadly died of liposarcoma earlier this year.

Being rare there is not as much known or research carried out on sarcomas as other forms of cancer.

For more information on sarcoma check out Sarcoma Alliance.